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The Most Secure Driver License Alabama Has Ever Issued

Greater Security and Benefits
In the Winter of 2005, Alabama will begin issuing newly designed driver licenses and identification cards. Technological advances make these the most secure cards Alabama has ever issued. This technology includes a 2-D barcode, magnetic stripe, digitized portrait image, signature and various security features. Alabama’s new card design includes the state capital and state seal.

Features of New License
The portrait and signature are both digital and stored in a permanent database for easy retrieval
in order to verify identification.
The “Under 18/21” driver licenses and identification cards are now issued in a new vertical format that is immediately recognizable. Under 18/21 cards display the words “UNDER 18 UNTIL” and/or “UNDER 21 UNTIL” followed by the date the cardholder will turn 18 or 21 in bold red text. This text is positioned vertically next to the portrait.