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Identification Unit

The Identification Unit is the state repository for criminal arrest information. The unit is staffed by Fingerprint Classifiers and clerical personnel who maintain and update criminal history information currently on file. Personnel are responsible for criminal history record checks, updating criminal history information as new arrests are received, working closely with AFIS and the Latent Print Unit. The Record Section of the Identification Unit replies to law enforcement, individuals and other agencies, which have submitted proper paper work requesting criminal history information from the Identification Unit.

Mission Statement

To reduce criminal activities by maximizing the ability to provide timely and accurate criminal justice information to qualified law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, civilian, academic, employment and licencing agencies concerning individuals and other law enforcement related data.

Components of the Identification Unit

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) - this section utilizes a computerized system that was developed to sustain SBI's mission to provide identification services to the state’s law enforcement community and to organizations where criminal background histories are a critical factor in consideration for employment or the well fair of a child. Well-trained technicians utilize this system to analyze, store and compare fingerprint images. The AFIS system gives SBI the ability to identify criminals quickly in order to keep the public safe.

Imaging – This program basically consists of scanning sensitive documents to reduce the section to manageable size, and to provide an indexing system. Under this program, all arrest fingerprint cards and court documentations will be scanned and their information will be stored in the Application Extender for future reference with the click of a button.

Record Check Section – This section replies to law enforcement, as well as other agencies, which have submitted proper paper work requesting information from the Identification Unit files. Vital information of use to the criminal justice community and those responsible for the safety of children and others. It is the responsibility of the Record Check Section to use discriminating judgment combined with the utmost accuracy in disseminating this wealth of information in response to authorized inquires.

Classification Section – In those instances when a fingerprint card is not subjected to an automated fingerprint search, a fingerprint classifier must classify and verify the fingerprint cards by use of a manual search. A fingerprint classifier compares the computer selected “candidate” with the incoming fingerprint card to determine whether there is a positive identification.

NCIC – Identification Unit maintains a NCIC, which is a law enforcement source for criminal information throughout the United States. NCIC 2000 expands data record information, searching capabilities and notification of the originating agency when another agency accesses information. The Identification Unit utilizes the NCIC to perform preliminary checks on new employees, especially trooper applicants.

Criminal History Information:

  • Criminal Histories for general public (Click Here for Release Form) 
    • Fee of $25.00 per Copy MONEY ORDER, CERTIFIED or CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY made payable to: Alabama Bureau of Investigation
  • Criminal Histories for Alabama Department of Education (Click Here) 
  • Criminal Histories for Department of Human Resources (Click Here) 
Requirements for obtaining criminal history information checks on non-criminal justice applicants are as follows:
  • The applicant must provide a completed release form. All applicants must have two (2) witnesses or a notaries signature.
  • A cashier’s check or money order in the amount required made payable to: State Bureau of Investigation (NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR CASH)
For FED EX or UPS delivery please use the address listed under the Identification Unit section of the Division Contact Page .

Contact Information

For additional contact information, or to contact us by phone please visit the Division Contact Page. Please address all mail as "ABI Attn: Identification Unit"