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For Parents - 10 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe Online

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  1. Place the computer in the most public room in your home.
  2. Establish ground rules for Internet usage.
  3. Share time online by surfing on the Internet with your child.
  4. Instruct your child not to give out personal information without your permission.
  5. Read the privacy policy of any site that asks for personal information before you allow your child to respond.
  6. If your child wants to meet in person someone they've met online, make sure a parent is present.
  7. Instruct your child never to respond to email or chat messages that make them feel uncomfortable. (And ensure that your child reports such messages to you when/if they occur.)
  8. Inform your ISP (Internet Service Provider) of any inappropriate uses of the Internet encountered by you or your child. Report child pornography immediately to your local state police or federal law enforcement authorities. You may also report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  9. Encourage your child to share their online experiences with you.
  10. Know exactly what various parental control tools can and cannot do and how they work.