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Sex Offender Registry

There are over 11,000 sex offenders in our SBI registry. Not all of these are available for public dissemination due to juvenile, YOA, or out-of-state status. SBI personnel are responsible for updating the site and responding to any e-mails generated from the public. Local law enforcement staff register the offenders and forwards the information to our Unit for entry into the SBI state repository. The offenders are responsible for notifying local law enforcement of any changes in residency or employment. Each year, during the offender's birth month and six month's after a form is mailed from our office to the last known address of the offender. This form must be completed and returned to the local law enforcement for verification and compliance. The local agency in turn mails the completed form back to SBI for verification along with a current photograph and fingerprints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a sex offender live with a minor or have contact with a minor?
The law only covers residency and employment restrictions upon a convicted sex offender. As a general rule, sex offenders may not live with a minor. There are certain exceptions. An offender can live with a minor child as long as the offender is a parent, step-parent, or grandparent and as long as the offender’s victim was not a child under his/her care or supervision at the time of the offense. If the offender’s victim was a child under the age of 12, he/she cannot live with a minor, nor loiter in areas where children congregate.

How often do we update our web site?
We make changes based upon information provided to us from local law enforcement. If old addresses appear on the web, it may be that the person is non-compliant. It is the sole responsibility of the offender to provide current information to local law enforcement.

How do I report someone who is living too close to a school, daycare, or who is not at the address displayed on the web?
Contact your local law enforcement. The local agencies are responsible for verifying the address and providing SBI with any changes.

When is a sex offender placed on our web site?
An offender is placed on the web site only upon conviction and release, through probation or end of sentence.

Why is a particular offender not on the website who was convicted for a sex crime?
If the offense was for Indecent Exposure or Sexual Misconduct, the offender will not appear on our site. Only those offenses listed in the Community Notification Act § 15-20-21 are posted to the website. Also, if the offender was given a juvenile or youth offender status, he/she is not posted. If the person was convicted out of state, in a federal court, or on an Indian Reservation, the individual will not be posted to the web site until completion of a due process hearing in some cases.

If a convicted sex offender is residing in my neighborhood, why was I not notified?
There may be several reasons for this. If the person was convicted prior to May 1996, the offender is not subject to notification unless there is a change of residence. Also, if convicted out-of-state, they are not subject until after a due process hearing is completed in some cases. Or, the offender may have been residing in the neighborhood before you moved into the community and there are no on-going notifications.

May an offender pick up or drop off their children at a school or daycare or frequent ballgames or student activities?
Yes, as long as the offender does not exceed the time necessary to complete the intended task. If the offender was convicted of an offense upon a child under the age of 12, he/she cannot loiter on or within 500 feet of a school, child care facility, playground, park, athletic field, or any other business having a principal purpose of caring for, educating, or entertaining minors.