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The Alabama State Trooper - AMC Javelin

A recently restored javelin patrol vehicle is on display in the museum of DPS Headquarters, 301 South Ripley St., in Montgomery, and appears just as it did in 1973/74.
  • The State Number (35-??????) in various colors of paint, mostly yellow, was hand painted on the left side of the firewall.
  • The Color Scheme was B/G for Barcalona Blue and Feather Grey in addition there were several unmarked vehicles in various colors.
  • The Tag was a S-???? with a green background and black letters.
  • The Tires were Good Year Polyglas raised-white-lettered tires. The '72 models all came with whitewalls- probably from Good Year as well.
  • The Wheels on the '71 models are called 'Machine' mags (5-slot), while the '72s received 'Rally Wheels' (8-slot).
  • The Spare Tire was a space saver.
  • The Radio was a General Electric with a two channel head.
  • The Antenna was a 155. Mhz antenna with a bakelite base mounted on the top of the vehicle behind the blue light and was approximately 12" long.
  • The Blue Light was a round blue dome with 4 bulbs.
  • The Engine was a 401 cubic inch with twin exhaust.
  • The Vehicles were equipped with a rear spoiler.
  • The Vehicles were bought from Reinhardt Motors in Montgomery and from Bill Whiten (American Motors and Datsun) Motors in (Ensley) Birmingham Alabama.
John E. Richardson
John E. Richardson

Jack  Clark
Lieutenant Colonel
Jack Clark

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