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Criminal History

How can I obtain my Alabama criminal history record for Immigration or to obtain a Visa?

  1. Complete and sign the ALEA “Application to Review Alabama Criminal History Record Information” form. The application must also be signed by two witnesses or be signed by a notary.
  2. Attach one (1) copy of your valid photo identification to the completed application. (see Appendix B for instructions)
  3. Attach two completed FBI-Applicant Fingerprint cards of your fingerprints to the completed application. These can be taken at local Sheriff’s office or police departments. See Appendix C for instructions.
  4. Attach a $30.00 administrative fee (in the form of a Cashier’s check or money order payable to ALEA Records and Identification Unit) to the completed application. Additional copies are $5.00 each if ordered at the same time. Sorry - no personal or business checks accepted.
    Note: This fee covers the required $25.00 for the Criminal History Record and the $5.00 fee for a required certified letter.
  5. Mail the completed application and attachments listed above to:
Criminal Records and Identification Unit
P.O. Box 1511
Montgomery, Alabama 36102-1511
ATTN: Background Checks
Please allow a minimum of 4-5 weeks from the date the application is received by ALEA for ALEA to process each request for review. Requests to Challenge criminal history record information do not fall under this timeframe, as they require additional research, contact and verification with the arresting agencies.

For questions concerning this procedure, you may contact ALEA by calling (334) 353-4340. ALEA business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. (No fingerprinting after 4:30 PM)