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Motor Carrier Safety Unit

Do I Have To Have A USDOT Number?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Ban on Hand Held Cellular Phones
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Federal Application for USDOT#
* New *  Confirmation - Receipt of CDL Medical Card/Affidavit
CDL Self Certification Affidavit PDF/68kb
How to Obtain Manuals and Forms PDF/16kb
Required Compliance Forms


Cargo Securement PDF/898kb
Information for Intermodal Equipment Providers (IEP)
Hours of Service – US Department of Transportation Announcement
Hours of Service – New Regulations - Rules and Examples – Enforcement- July 1, 2013
Hours of Service Summary Page
Qualifying Vehicles PDF/1mb


Medical Card Requirement - May 21, 2014 PDF/136kb
Hours of Service – 34 hr. Restart Changes PDF/28kb
Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Update PDF/36kb
Alabama Driver License - Classes, Endorsements, and Restrictions
Alabama Driver License - Office Schedule: CDL testing offices and their schedules
Alabama Driver License - Point System - Points and Disqualifications
Buses Operations - Non-Business PDF/18kb
Intrastate Commercial Motor Vehicle Regulations (Text Only) PDF/246kb
Light and Flag Regulations for Overhanging Loads DOC/43kb
Light and Flag Regulations for Overhanging Loads PDF/37kb
CSA-2010 PDF/53kb
Purchase Driver/Vehicle, Post Accident, or Alabama Only Carrier Profiles DOCX/15kb
USDOT Issuance Inquiry PDF/49kb
Weight - Auxiliary Power Units
Weight - Interstate Bridge Law PDF/276kb

External Links

Alabama Department of Revenue
Alabama Public Service Commission
Alabama Trucking Association
CDL Hazmat Endorsement Issuance Update
Code of Alabama 1975
Conspicuity Requirements PDF/938kb
DataQ - Inquiries About Inspection/Crash Data Entered in Alabama
Driver's Hours of Service Regulations
Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance for Carriers and CDL Drivers
Emergency Road Closures
Federal Code: CFR 49 - Federal Regulations
Federal Code: CFR 49 - Hazardous Materials Regulations
Federal Motor Carrier
HazMat Permits - Alabama Department of Environmental Management
Safety Audits - New Entrant Program
Trip and Fuel Permits Applications – IFTA & IRP
UCR - Unified Carrier Registration Information
Weight and Size Permits